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A Chat with Page Parkes

Stunning in red jeans, this wife and mother has built an empire and now stars in the cast of Scouted on the E! Network.


She left her hometown for Europe to earn her bachelor’s degree. “I studied design at American College London,” says the owner of a renowned talent agency and modeling school with locations in both Houston and Dallas (her Miami location merged with Ford Modeling Agency).

Although Parkes struggled in high school, she excelled at the university level and accepted the college’s top honor, the Young Couture Award. Emilio Pucci presented it himself, and Parkes went on to study at the Emilio Pucci Castle in Florence. “I designed clothes, but my strength was a knack for finding the right models to wear them.” This has led to a 30-year career in the business with plans to expand into Cy-Fair.

Her company, Page Parkes Corp., already represents many star kids all over the greater Houston metroplex, from Fort Bend to Cy-Fair and The Woodlands.



Back in the ’80s, Parkes represented a 17-year-old Angelina Jolie in print ads for J. C. Penney. “She took her work seriously, always arriving on time and focusing,” says Parkes, who has also represented other top Hollywood talent: Channing Tatum (who gave Parkes a shout out on the George Lopez TV show), Charlize Theron, Rebecca Romijn, Alexis Bledel, Woody Harrelson, Tyson Beckford, Djimon Hounsou, Hilary Duff and Hailey Duff. She also represented Carlos Leon (Madonna’s ex) and many up-and-comers.

Her message: “Kids like this come from neighborhoods like yours.”



She met the love of her life, husband Bob Eveleth, at 37. “He’s the founder of Glamour Shots and Studio One to One. Studio One to One brought the “model look” to every family portrait and the photos were always filled with love and pinch of something extra special. In fact, to this day they remind me of a Target campaign or something that could be on a magazine cover. To make a long story short, for some reason poor Bob was not getting an invitation to our company Christmas party. So I hand wrote his invite that year to assure he got it. Little did I know he was the most handsome man in the world or I would have delivered it in person!” Finally, after working with thousands of children, it was time to start a family of her own.

“After finding that I couldn’t have a baby, I became involved with Child Advocates, an organization that helps neglected and abused children. We experienced heartache, first trying through a surrogate mom who lost the babies and even birth moms who ran away from the adoption home. As I volunteered, it opened my eyes to the children who so desperately need moms and dads to love them — very different from the lives of the children who walk through our doors at the talent agencies.”

Parkes learned that children are actually considered “older” at age 3. She and Bob applied to be parents, and without even seeing pictures (and only a short paragraph on each), they adopted a set of siblings: a girl just 3, one boy not quite 2, and their infant brother, just 5 months old. Parkes encourages others to consider adopting through Child Protective Services. “Families are built in different ways. If your heart aches for a child, I recommend looking into CPS. The biological parents’ rights are already terminated. There is no wait and no cost. The state offers subsidizing funds for the kids. And since we adopted three children, the state covers their Texas college educations.”



Fast forward seven years. “Now Reagan is 10, Zachary is 9, and Jacob just turned 8,” says Parkes, who glows when she talks about her brood. “When they came to us I was 47 and ready for motherhood.” She was used to the pressures of running her agencies and shifted into a new set of responsibilities that included bottle feedings and the demands of toddlers.

She and Bob are also very open and honest with their children about the adoption. “We are so very blessed that the children had no medical or developmental problems. They immediately bonded with us — Reagan, who is such a sweet girl, came running to me and said, “Mommy, can I brush your hair?” I told her, “You can brush my hair for the rest of your life!”  We were prepared for anything, especially since CPS warned us that the kids were wild and had been relinquished by a former family. But the kids slept all the way from Austin to our home in Cy-Fair and slipped right into a new routine. They’ve been a joy from day one and have grown into much-loved, intelligent, happy, honor roll athletes.”

The boys play baseball and football. Reagan is in ballet and dance… and like a chip off the block is interested in acting and modeling. “She was shy, so I put her into classes to help develop her confidence,” shares proud mom Page. “It turns out that she’s quite serious about it and has already been out to Los Angeles for a Nickelodeon audition and the new American Girl movie and doll. Reagan also does local Academy commercials and JCP print ads.”



Parkes has discovered many supermodels over the years, and it is her scouting acclaim that got her noticed by the E network. They brought her onboard as a cast member of the reality TV show Scouted. It didn’t hurt that she developed a phone app (iScout) that allows candidates to submit an iPhone photo directly to Page Parkes Corp. from the U. S. and Europe. “It’s one thing to be scouted, but that doesn’t necessarily mean a candidate will be signed. And even with representation, they may not get work. You just never know when lightning will strike,” says Parkes. But acting and modeling lessons are never wasted. The confidence, self-esteem and poise become lifelong skills.

Reality TV has added an additional layer to her busy schedule, but Bob is a hands-on dad and together they keep the focus on their children. “I might be in California one day and in the carpool lane at school the next,” says Parkes. “I’m just grateful that we are raising such great children and finding balance along the way.”

Parkes’ new Cy-Fair location will be open in November 2012 at 14149 Westfair East Drive, Houston. Check out Page Parkes Corp. at pageparkes.com. Visit Studio One to One at s121.com.

For information on fostering children and adoption, please visit www.dfps.state.tx.us/child_protection/ 

Page, Tim Gunn of Project Runway and the fabulous Simon people at the Simon Fashion Now Model for a day Search.

Football brothers Zachary (right) and Jacob (left) block for their beautiful ballerina sister, Reagan.

Page Parkes kids & teen models were featured in several fashion shows at the Houston Children’s Festival with guest stars Nathan Kress of Nickelodeon’s iCarly & Chelsea Staub of Disney’s Jonas!

Page Parkes models pose for the camera during Sugar Land’s Artful Living event.

Bob and Page with their beautiful brood.




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