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Buying Tips for Travelers

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A woven basket fish carry-all from the British Virgin Islands.

A woven basket fish carry-all from the British Virgin Islands.

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By Lori Verderame

Shop smart around the world

Knowing the value of art and antique items takes a certain expertise. For people traveling abroad, it takes an additional level of understanding to know what is a good buy and how to spot a bargain. As an expert appraiser, I offer these tips about negotiating when traveling abroad:

  1. Remember that every price is negotiable.
  2. Learn about the customs associated with bargaining in a specific locale.
  3. Always be polite.
  4. Payments made in cash will provide you with more negotiating power.
  5. Use local currency whenever possible.
  6. Use your smartphone to learn common shopping phrases in the local language.
  7. Do your homework and know what you are buying.
  8. Ask about the shop’s return policy if you are not satisfied when you get home.
  9. Get the shop’s contact information (name, physical address, website and phone number) for future reference.
  10. If you have not come to an agreement after negotiating, say thank you and move on gracefully.

Travelers will find that certain items in various parts of the world are better bargains than they are elsewhere.

  • In the Mediterranean region, I shop for leather goods and fashion accessories in Italy and pottery, wine and figs in Greece.
  • Because it is a geographical link between Europe and Asia, Turkey’s grand bazaar shops are a great place to visit in search of locally made textiles, jewelry and spices.
  • The Middle East is a good area to shop for jewelry and gemstones.
  • In the Baltic countries, such as Denmark and Finland, you will find bargains on woolen clothing and handmade wood objects.
  • The Caribbean islands offer good deals on collectible objects and original sculptures and handbags made by local artists.
  • In the South Pacific islands, woven basketry and pearls are good buys.

Prices in many tourist areas are inflated. Stick to your budget and compare prices from shop to shop whenever you can.

While the unique qualities of objects found in far off lands are interesting, be prepared to shop wisely while on vacation. No matter where you travel, remember that quality equals value.

Arts & Antiques by Dr. Lori

Buying Tips for Travelers

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