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Book Reviews August 2017


Miller’s Antiques Handbook & Price Guide remains the essential and trusted guide to the antiques market. It has earned the reputation of being the book no dealer, collector or auctioneer should be without. Compiled by Judith Miller, world-renowned antiques expert and co-founder of the book, its comprehensive sections cover ceramics, furniture, glass, silver and metalwares, jewelry and objets de vertu, clocks and watches, books, Oriental antiques, textiles, toys, decorative arts and Modern Classics.




While elements of the cake may seem like they’re floating in thin air, it’s really just simple scaffolding concealed within the cake and disguised with fondant and candy that creates the illusion. The projects in Gravity Cakes! are incredibly fun and beauti­ful,and are sure to be the star attraction at your next celebration. Each of the 45 projects for virtually every event and occasion – from Valentine’s Day to Thanksgiving and baby reveals to poker parties – features step-by step instructions with a photo for each step, making the decorating process foolproof and surprisingly easy.




Botanicum, the newest offering from Big Picture Press’s Welcome to the Museum series, is a brilliantly organized guide to plant life. Curated by Kathy Willis and with artwork from Katie Scott of Animalium fame, Botanicum gives readers the experience of a fascinating exhibition through the pages of a beautiful book. Containing everything from perennials to bulbs to tropical exotica, this wonderful feast of botanical knowledge is complete with superb cross sections to show how plants work.




Peaceful Bones is the true story of the friendship between North Vietnamese Army Squadron Leader Hung Nguyen—who was seriously wounded during an ambush by US troops in 1967— and Samuel Axelrad, surgeon and captain of a Forward Medical Command who saved Hung’s life. Axelrad’s policy was simple. ANYBODY who was brought to the medical tent was to be treated as a first-class patient, no matter whether they were civilian, U.S. soldier, or enemy. To this day, Axelrad feels that meeting Hung was one of the great blessings in his life. And, after reading the book, you’ll see why.




As Houston’s beloved KPRC weatherman for more than 20 years, Frank Billingsley seems like a relative to many people. He has such a way with people that it is obvious that he comes by his sunny, outgoing demeanor naturally. Billingsley always wondered if he got his personality, his bright blue eyes, or his love of people from his parents. But he was adopted, so he never knew. Swabbed & Found is the fascinating story of how he combined cutting-edge DNA tests and genealogical programs in combination with his investigative skills to put the pieces of his family tree in order.




Whether preserving meat or saving taste buds, salt has been a staple across time, but are you getting the most out of the kitchen’s most versatile ingredient? Mark Bitterman’s Craft Salt Cooking challenges cooking novices and experts alike to stop seeing salt as routine seasoning and start using it as an opportunity to make your dishes stand out as never before. This book focuses on real, naturally made craft salts to improve foods in taste, texture and even nutrition. The down-to-earth creations appeal to all eaters, ranging from reinventing roast chickens from the inside out or branching out into global sensations like the Shio crust whole grilled fish.

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