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Memorable Weddings

Jennifer & Mitch
MEMORABLE WEDDINGS  </br>Jennifer & Mitch

Photography by Chris Wineinger
Jennifer Eggleton met Mitchell McBain on a musical note, thanks to a matchmaking friend. Jennifer and Christen Myers were coworkers at the time. Christen’s husband played with Mitchell in a band. After …

Monica & Stephen
MEMORABLE WEDDINGS  </br>Monica & Stephen

Monica Stout and Stephen Myers had a very modern, “online” start to their relationship. What followed was a first date, courtship, surprise proposal (with a twist), engagement, and traditional wedding ceremony that reflected the formal …

Whitney & Matthew
MEMORABLE WEDDINGS  </br>Whitney & Matthew

photography by Veronica Caycedo
Bride Whitney Priddy and groom Matthew Lewis embarked on a first date (with an interesting back story), then a courtship, and ultimately an engagement that led to an exquisite Houston wedding filled …