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Houston History

Landmark from Our Past
HISTORICALLY HOUSTON<br> Landmark from Our Past

It is a shame that many of the local grand old homes that represented the power and success of their owners are now gone. One of those surviving mansions is the Jim West home in …

Houstonians Brave the Depression
HISTORICALLY HOUSTON<br> Houstonians Brave the Depression

It is 2010, the end of the first decade of the new millennium. New Year resolutions have been replaced by the worries of an extended recession or perhaps another depression. While the news media is …

Keeping Cool on the Ice
HISTORICALLY HOUSTON<br> Keeping Cool on the Ice

One of the facts of life that never seems to change in Houston is the oppressive heat of the summer months. It drives our utility costs up and makes working outdoors almost unbearable. Early Houstonians …

Bering’s Celebrates 70 Years in Houston
–HISTORICALLY HOUSTON<br> Bering’s Celebrates 70 Years in Houston

Starting a new business just before the dark days of World War II does not sound like a prescription for success. But in the case of Bering’s, it worked. The same store that began by …