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Memorable Weddings

Jessica & Rob
MEMORABLE WEDDINGS  </br>Jessica & Rob

Photography by Caleb Fleming, Big Box Photography
There is something magical about military weddings, especially one brimming over with Marines and miracles. It is no wonder Jessica Kelly and Rob Whidby served Thanksgiving dinner at their …

Maris & Jason
MEMORABLE WEDDINGS  </br>Maris  & Jason

Photography by Steve Depino
You might say they hit a home run. Maris Perlman and Jason Castro became Stanford University sweethearts, to no one’s surprise but their own. First came friendship over a mutual admiration of …

Jennifer & Mitch
MEMORABLE WEDDINGS  </br>Jennifer & Mitch

Photography by Chris Wineinger
Jennifer Eggleton met Mitchell McBain on a musical note, thanks to a matchmaking friend. Jennifer and Christen Myers were coworkers at the time. Christen’s husband played with Mitchell in a band. After …

Monica & Stephen
MEMORABLE WEDDINGS  </br>Monica & Stephen

Monica Stout and Stephen Myers had a very modern, “online” start to their relationship. What followed was a first date, courtship, surprise proposal (with a twist), engagement, and traditional wedding ceremony that reflected the formal …

Whitney & Matthew
MEMORABLE WEDDINGS  </br>Whitney & Matthew

photography by Veronica Caycedo
Bride Whitney Priddy and groom Matthew Lewis embarked on a first date (with an interesting back story), then a courtship, and ultimately an engagement that led to an exquisite Houston wedding filled …