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Dr. Madaiah Revana and His Wines


The beautiful Alexana Estate in Oregon.

Dr. Madaiah Revana

Dr. Madaiah Revana

In The Top Echelon Of Wine Celebrities

There are attorneys, businessmen and physicians who dip their toe into the wine business. Dr. Madaiah Revana has gone all in.

His first foray came in 1997 when he decided he wanted a seven-acre vineyard just north of St. Helena on the main thoroughfare in Napa Valley. He soon found out one needed 10 acres to build a winery (it’s now 40 acres!) Determined to have that piece of property and a winery thereupon, he went to work on his contiguous neighbors, and against all odds, one sold him four acres including a house. In an interesting financial twist, he later sold the house for nearly what he paid for the original seven acres.

Revana’s good fortune continued as he was able to acquire the services not only of one of the top vineyard managers in Napa Valley, Jim Barbour, but also one of the wine superstar consultants, Heidi Barrett!

Although his Revana Cabernet Sauvignon has always scored in the 90+ range, the big Kahuna rolled in for his 2007, which received acclaim as the fourth best wine in the world in the Wine Spectator Top 100! Since then, Heidi has departed, but Thomas Brown, who makes high ‘90s and even 100s for Schraeder, is now his consultant! Revana Cabernet Sauvignon is on some of the best wine lists in the United States.

On a trip to Oregon in 2004, Revana set his sights on making an Oregon Pinot Noir. In 2005, he was able to acquire an 80-acre forest with 16 acres of vineyards, and since he had met Lynn Penner-Ash, certainly one of the best winemakers in Oregon, he worked out a deal for her to be his consultant. Since he purchased the gorgeous property, he has added 40 acres of vineyards and built a Leeds-certified winery. The 2010 Alexana Estate Pinot Noir Revan Vineyard was rated #17 in the world in the “Wine Spectator Top 100.”

Not being content with national winemaking fame for Revana Family Winery in Napa Valley and Alexana (named after his daughter) Winery in the Dundee Hills of the Willamette Valley, Oregon, he then ventured to Mendoza, Argentina, where the greatest Malbecs in the world are produced. He planted a 10-acre vineyard in 2008, another seven acres in 2011, and in 2014, he completed a winery there. Of course, who will be surprised to know that of the top two or three winemakers in Argentina, his consultant is one of them — Achaval Ferrer!

The wine is called Corazon del Sol Malbec, and the entry level wine is a very good value — similar to Ferrer’s entry Malbec. $28. The super-premium 2012 Corazon del Sol Soleando is seductive and beguiling, and about as good as Malbec can achieve, and is priced at $105. Perfect with grilled meats.

The currently released Alexana wines, along with short notes and retail prices are: 2013 Alexana Pinot Gris Willamette Valley — top accounts are Jasmine Restaurant at Bellagio and the The Wynn Golf Course, among others. Just tasted on March 1 with a crab cake at La Vista. Pure with hints of honeysuckle and pears, and only 12.9 percent alcohol $28; 2012 Chardonnay Willamette Valley — 2012 is the best vintage in the Willamette Valley in the last 25 years! Aged in new French oak (35 percent ) and the rest in stainless steel, it is an elegant offering with complexity and restraint. Try with red snapper $40; Alexana Estate Pinot Noir Revana Vineyard — Aged in French oak (37 percent new). Bouquet of dark cherries, toast, spice and a hint of vanilla in the finish. Try with roasted chicken or duck with cherry sauce. $58

There are two other Pinot Noirs available only at the winery, but one, which just received a 95 rating, is the 2012 Pinot Noir Signature Series, which is my favorite, and the 2012 Pinot Noir Pommard Clone, which is my wife’s favorite. Each is at the top of the Pinot Noir chain, and only a couple hundred cases of each available.

Finally, Revana has added another Cabernet to his stable in Napa. It is the 2012 — one of the all-time great vintages in Napa Valley — Revana Family Winery Cabernet Sauvignon Terroir Series. The blend is 85 percent Cabernet Sauvignon, 12 percent Merlot and 3 percent Petite Verdot. It tastes of cherries, cedar and a hint of sweet tobacco, and has a beautiful finish. $105

The most famous of all his wines is the Revana Family Estate Cabernet Sauvignon, in this case the 2012. It is made from 100 percent estate Cabernet Sauvignon, and because of the fantastic vintage conditions, along with Thomas Brown having several vintages under his belt with this particular vineyard, it may be the best Revana has ever made. It may achieve the highest score for Revana to date — 98? Each of the Cabernets begs for a beef tenderloin! $150

With prestigious wineries producing world-class wines in California, Oregon and Argentina, Revana can count himself among the top echelon of wine celebrities in the world. For further information, please visit revanawinery.com, alexanawinery.com and corazondelsolwinery.com.

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Dr. Madaiah Revana and His Wines

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