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the Editor’s Picks … Linda Anderson, editor & publisher Nov 2012

Linda Anderson

editor & publisher


My Favorite YOU Tube

Brave Kitten Stands Up to Dog

This is an amazing video on a kitten standing its ground against a big dog. Should the owner have allowed their kitten to confront the dog? Post your comments on our facebook!

Go to YouTube and watch
 “Brave Kitten Stands up to Dog”
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California Olive Ranch Everyday California Extra Virgin Olive Oil
From Sur la Table

Sur la Table is coming to Town Square in Sugar Land! This is an excellent olive oil. It has a fruity nose and a smooth and buttery tongue with a very slight peppery finish. Perfect for baking cakes and cookies, for all-purpose mayonnaise and mashed potatoes or with tender salad greens, just to name a few of the many options.  .


Sweet Potato Cupcakes With Marshmallow Frosting

These Sweet Potato Cupcakes are a wonderful unique dessert to offer on Thanksgiving Day. It is an alternative and delicious way of incorporating sweet potatoes into your holiday menu.



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