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Two New Fragrant English Shrub Roses


From a new line of David Austin breeding 

Now, American rose lovers can enjoy two delightful new David Austin English roses available by mail order. The two varieties are ‘Princess Anne’, a cerise pink fully-double rose from a new line of David Austin breeding, and ‘Skylark’, a lilac-pink semi-double rose.

His English roses are known for combining the romantic flower forms and perfume of old roses with the broad color range and repeat-flowering of modern roses. As a rose breeder, Austin’s achievement is in marrying this lovely “English Rose” look with tough-as-nails garden performance, vigorous growth, full bushes, disease resistance and prolific season-long bloom. English roses are suited to growing in full sun or partial shade provided the site is not overhung by tree canopies.


New For 2012

‘Princess Anne’ (Auskitchen) – Rosa ‘Princess Anne’ is first of a significant new line of breeding that is producing roses with particularly pretty flower form and strong garden vigor and health. ‘Princess Anne’ was named ‘Best New Plant Variety’ at the UK Grower of the Year Awards in 2011. It flowers over a long period and in large clusters, the individual blooms opening in succession. There is a medium-strong Tea Rose fragrance.

The blooms of ‘Princess Anne’ are an unusual bold cerise pink color. The individual petals tend to stand up, so create an almost water lily effect – although a most sturdy water lily. The petals are strong and not too long, and many are heart-shaped, resulting in a pleasing ruffled effect. The inner petals create an informal button eye center revealing the backs of the petals, which are a warm shade of deep salmon pink. There is yellow at the heart of the bloom, though this is almost imperceptible. Over time, the petals gradually evolve toward purple bluish tones (rather reminiscent of some of the Old Gallica roses), ultimately aging to a lovely shade of purple-lilac. As blooms of varying ages are held together in clusters, the effect of their contrasting colors and forms is striking.

The rose forms a compact, bushy and upright shrub with highly polished, remarkably disease-resistant foliage.  Its mature size is approximately 3 feet tall by 2 feet wide, making it an ideal rose for borders or a great choice for hedging and pots. ‘Princess Anne’ is hardy in USDA zones 6-9.

This rose is named after Her Royal Highness, Princess Anne, Britain’s Princess Royal who is patron of Great Britain’s Riding for the Disabled charity.

Skylark’ (Ausimple) – Rosa ‘Skylark’ has semi-double flowers with open cups and prominent stamens. The color is deep pink at first, later paling slightly to lilac-pink with a small white center. There is a lovely Tea fragrance with hints of fruity apple and clove, giving the unexpected overall impression of apple pie!

The growth is light and airy, building up into a natural, well-rounded shrub. It is particularly free flowering and healthy and its more informal habit makes it an ideal choice for planting amongst other shrubs or perennials towards the front of a mixed border.  It grows to about 3 feet tall by 2 feet wide.  Skylark is hardy in USDA zones 5-9.

Available by Mail-Order

U.S. gardeners will find the two new David Austin varieties via mail-order from davidaustinroses.com, by calling 800-328-8893, or by writing David Austin Roses Limited, 15059 State Highway 64 West, Tyler, Texas 75704. The U.S. mail-order collection features more than 200 bare root roses, including 120 Austin-bred English Roses. All of his roses sold in the USA are specially selected for American growing conditions and climate zones. All are grown and shipped within the USA. His award-winning catalog, The Handbook of Roses, is a rose lover’s delight with more than 100 pages of color illustrations. The catalog is available at no charge upon request.

Most of his bare root roses are budded onto Dr. Huey rootstock, though there are now 10 varieties additionally offered as own root roses.

The breeder also offers a collection of 20 top varieties as containerized roses, available by mail-order year-round. Lovely as gifts, the containerized roses arrive in premium pots, attractive boxes, fully leafed-out and in bud or bloom during the summer months or pruned back ready to plant.

Additionally, more than 80 varieties of Austin’s Fragrant English Roses are now available to American gardeners as potted roses via fine garden retailers coast-to-coast.

Princess Anne

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