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Fashion Designer Jonathan Blake


Building A Following With A Little Help From His Friend, Carolyn Farb

By Alexandra Hamilton

Three years ago, Jonathan Blake had a dream to become a fashion designer. After graduating from the Houston Art Institute, he had stacks of drawings, but that was about all.

Then there was a chance meeting with Dr. Carolyn Farb — philanthropist and businesswoman — and his life began to change.

“There are many very talented young people throughout Houston. Yet, without guidance, assistance with contacts, and learning the ropes of their passion, Houston and the world would probably not have the opportunity or honor to experience their creative talent. Jonathan Blake was one of these very talented young people,” Farb said.

With Farb taking Blake under her wing, making contacts on his behalf and introducing him to a host of different people, he has garnished a well-respected name. Also, with her help, Jonathan began to schedule fashion shows.

Farb introduced Jonathan to Bambi Lynn, of Blinc by Bambi Lynn, a fashion events producer and corporate promotions manager. Lynn is also with Page Parkes Modeling and has worked with some of the top models in the world today.

“It usually takes a designer a long time to get to where Jonathan is today. Yet, with Carolyn’s help, he has become very well-known and is actively producing clothing lines,” Lynn said.

Today, Blake is selling out fashion shows at prominent venues, has an atelier where he presents his designs on Post Oak, and Houston’s elite are keeping him busy ordering custom gowns, evening and day wear.

Well-respected stores also are hosting Jonathan Blake Trunk Shows and events. His mail box is filled with invitations to some of the most exclusive events and galas around town. He is also learning the fine art of giving back to a community that is helping him to live his dream.

“What is most interesting is this young man is only 23 years old. Yet, his work shows the maturity, style, grace, and creativity of someone twice his age. His designs are breathtaking,” Farb said.

According to Blake, his designs make a statement, are very high quality and well-fitting, and draw attention to the understated elegance and details. “It is important for my line to be high quality and beautiful, not just on the outside but the inside as well. Those with a good eye for details will be able to tell the difference,” Blake said.

He has extended his line to include women’s handbags which is very modern, with an edge, yet appeals to all ages.

After creating his first line a year or so ago, Blake worked with Lynn on his first fashion show at the Junior League of Houston. Lynn and Farb make a strong team, especially when it comes to planning his shows.

Since that first showing, Blake has continued to move to larger venues to accommodate the growing attendance at his shows. Before each fashion show, Blake and Lynn meet numerous times and discuss his vision for the event.

“Then, with a fashion show scheduled, it is time to go to work,” Lynn explained. “My son and I build the sets, produce the music, videos to show during the fashion shows, help choose the models, materials for the sets, lights, and much more. Some people may not appreciate all it takes for a successful fashion show.”

Blake has gained the reputation of being very creative and producing beautiful gowns, some of which he personally makes by hand. His fashion shows reflect his creativity, not only in his clothes but also in the setting, creating an environment that add to the wow factor as his models walk the runway. Lynn is responsible for producing this environment so magnificently, and is well-known around the country, including Fashion Week in New York City.

“When Carolyn and I work with Jonathan, we work within his vision. He is so creative and thinks of things differently,” Lynn said.

When you have the right people behind you and supporting you, it makes the often hard journey much easier and shorter.


Blake’s designs draw attention to the understated details.


He recently added handbags to his line.

He recently added handbags to his line.

Bambi Lynn and Carolyn Farb.

Bambi Lynn and Carolyn Farb.

Fashion Designer Jonathan Blake

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