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Family Fun and a Familiar Brand


The Billiard Factory Creates Memories For Father’s Day And More

By Florene King

The Billiard Factory was founded in 1975 by Larry Stick as a single store on Telephone Road in Houston. Over three dec­ades, it has grown from that single store with four em­ployees into one of the largest billiard and game room furniture retailers in the U.S. Today, the company consists of 15 retail stores, multiple distribution centers and more than 100 dedicated employees.

Joe Elwood, general manager of the Stone Bridge Shopping Center store at FM 1960 and Cutten Road says The Billiard Factory’s phenomenal success can be summed up in their purpose, “Enabling all families and friends to share priceless time together one game room at a time.”

Elwood goes on to explain, “Many people think that because of our name, we only sell pool tables, but we are so much more than that. We have anything and everything you would ever need to design, furnish and maintain a family game room, a home theatre or a combination of the two.”

It’s true. Beyond billiards and all the equipment needed for playing pool, the store offers a one-stop shop for anything oriented toward at-home family fun. In fact, the atmosphere in each store is geared toward focusing the entire family on what it means to be entertained at home. “In our showrooms we have created atmospheres that are completely family-friendly and de­signed to give our customers ideas about what we can do in their space,” Elwood says. “We are sitting at a game table designing with the grown-ups and the kids are watching movies or playing on games.”

They offer pool tables, home theatre systems, home theatre seating, barstools,  air hockey, foosball, pin ball, arcade games, darts, ping pong, shuffle board, along with accessories and unique art work oriented to game rooms and home theatres.

Elwood says, “One of the biggest game room categories in the past few years is shuffle board. It’s a game everyone can enjoy because it’s a different skill set than, say, pool. Plus, it can fit any space; length is usually irrelevant because the level of difficulty of this game is determined by the wax you put on the board. You can make the game more or less difficult using wax, no matter how long or short the board.”

He continues, “We also offer full service home theatre systems. People go as simple as hanging a flat screen on their wall to as complex as installing a 150” projection system. And our home theatre seating is really beautiful, comfortable and modular, so it will fit any shape room in any configuration.”

What if you know what you want, but you don’t know how to make it work? Elwood reassures, “We offer design service. Most people come in and have a space they want to fill, so we help them identify who they will be entertaining in the space. Then we define their style and tastes, we fit out the room with the games they want and then focus on seating and accessories.”

In fact, after the professional design staff at The Billiard Factory helps you determine which style and finish are right for your home, they will even put together a custom package for your family. And right now, in honor of Father’s Day, they can help you surprise Dad with his very own “Man-cave.” Complete game room packages start at $1,995 and include a pool table, two spectator chairs, a matching cue rack and an accessory package.

Through the years and despite the competition, The Billiard Factory remains a family run company committed to offering customers a large product line from the top manufacturers in the home game room furnishing industry. The Billiard Factory continually searches for ways to best serve the needs of its customers through diversity and quality products, as well as superior service. www.billiardfactory.com





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