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House of the Future Will Be Designed By Digital Apps and Powered By Smart Devices

Design apps such as Planner 5D give users the possibility to create floor plans and furnish their apartment or house based on a catalogue. PHOTO – Planner 5d

Planner 5D, interior design platform, explains major features of a future house

Some of us are already enjoying new technology when designing or building our homes – such as IoT devices, interior design apps or even AI. It’s predicted that soon most of our homes will enter the digital age. Here is a rundown of the major features of a house of the future.

  1. Smart interior apps. With these new apps you can design like a pro! Design apps such as Planner 5D give users the possibility to create floor plans and furnish their apartment or house based on a catalogue. The users can move furniture around and choose the texture, color and size of all the pieces. The app also analyzes projects crafted by millions of people, and offers ideas for turning one’s apartment or house into an original, tasteful home.
  2. IoT devices. Smart homes filled with Internet of Things devices are already making lives more comfortable. Connec­ting thermostats, light bulbs, and other devices to smartphones, a future home will regulate house temperature even when the owner is away, save energy and costs and can even order take out. According to a study by the Consumer Technology Association, IoT could help avoid up to 100 million tons of CO2 emissions, and reduce energy consumption by 10 percent per household.
  3. Wi-Fi in the walls. The Wi-Fi Alliance, the nonprofit organization that certifies Wi-Fi enabled products, is ready to start the new era of smart homes. As homes are becoming filled with IoT devices, a strong Wi-Fi signal is needed throughout the house. As a further step, one American homebuilding company, Lennar, is bringing Amazon’s Alexa as part of wall Wi-Fi. The integration will come through Amazon’s Echo speakers, and enable the home to be optimized for smart devices.
  4. Virtual Reality (VR). Designing a home but not sure about how it will look in reality? Virtual Reality goggles will help. Integrated with some of the interior design apps, VR offers a walk-through of the house with an ability to actually move the furniture around, change colors and textures. At the same time, VR might soon be used for many other things in the house – it could be wearable at all times in the future, and can enhance a person’s cognitive abilities even when they are sleeping.
  5. Augmented reality (AR). AR is already being used to create interactive home models, which provide accurate construction and renovation plans. It’s possible to interact with these 3D models and to see what one’s future house will look like
    in reality.
  6. AI. AI is going to be used everywhere in the future home, from designing the interior to entertaining kids. For example, AI-powered robots can learn children’s habits and favorite things, and entertain them by playing with them. The same bots can be applied to assist the elderly. AI can also help play favorite music, clean homes and protect the property. When it comes to home design, Planner 5D’s future AI software will make the design process customized, faster and cheaper by learning the preferences of a homeowner and designing in the style that the person likes. AI-assisted software usually only gets smarter as it goes, learning in the process.


Crowdsource Your Interior Design 

Reddit, a popular and ever-growing discussion platform, is a place where users help each other solve interior design problems, and even create digital design renders for those seeking advice by using such design apps as Planner 5D.

Crowdsourcing, which is the act of taking a job traditionally performed by a professional and asking a group of people as an open call for ideas and solutions, has been popular in such areas as philanthropy, and even big companies have been using it to solve problems or get innovative ideas.

Reddit has made crowdsourcing less formal and easily accessible for any user, and the Planner 5D platform has recently seen a good part of its design projects come from users on Reddit, who are helping one another to (re)design their home.

“We are excited to see that our home design app is so helpful for those who create and share projects online, so it’s perfect for those looking for help with their projects online,” said Alexey Sheremetyev, CEO and co-founder of Planner 5D.

Typically a Reddit user describes their house, attaches pictures, talks about their needs and inspirations, and includes a 2D floor plan created on the Planner 5D platform. Other users offer advice or even take on the project and design or remodel the house for the user in need of help.

For example, one Reddit user was looking for advice for a small attic bedroom redesign. They attached the current design, actual room photos and a render created on Planner 5D. Other users commented on different versions, explaining their ideas, and even redesigned the room offering another layout version.

“As digital revolution fully seeps into our lives, we will see crowdsourcing used even more widely. People don’t only share money to help others in need, but also ideas, experience and knowledge, which is the most important human asset that can help each one of us,” Sheremetyev said.

To find out more about Planner 5D, visit planner5d.com.


House of the Future Will Be Designed By Digital Apps and Powered By Smart Devices

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