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Houston Finalist Ties for First Place in H-E-B Food Contest

Creators of unique products from the Lone Star State are relishing the sweet taste of success as winners of H-E-B’s Primo Picks Quest for Texas Best contest. A panel of expert judges narrowed a field of 25 finalists to an unprecedented FIVE winners, increasing the winnings totaling $90,000. The winners received cash prizes and coveted space on H-E-B store shelves in 2017.

The 2016 H-E-B Primo Picks Grand Prize ($25,000 and featured placement as a Texas Best Primo Pick) goes to The Texas Pie Company Original Pie Dough Puck from Kyle.

One of nine local food artisans that were named as finalists, Bagel Dots of Houston, tied for First Place ($20,000). Its owners are Purav Patel and Aarti Garehgrat. They wondered what happened to the center of the bagel and came up with Bagel Dots – a fresh, new solution to an age-old problem: eating bagels is messy. These bite-sized bagel balls are filled with cream cheese and other ingredients. This wholesome snack can be eaten at any time and any place.

The Quest for Texas Best competition drew entries from 101 towns across the state. Through two qualifying rounds, H-E-B Business Development Managers judged submissions on taste and flavor, customer appeal, value, uniqueness, market potential and differentiation from current products at most H-E-B stores.




Bagel Dots Of Houston One Of Primo Picks Quest Winners

Have you ever wondered what happened to the center of the bagel? Aarti Garehgrat has the answer! Bagel dots are a truly innovative, fresh, new solution to an age-old problem: eating bagels is messy. These bite-sized bagel balls filled with cream cheese and other ingredients of choice are delicious, fast and ready to go. This wholesome snack can be eaten at any time and any place.



Briggs True Spicy Bourbon Bacon Bbq Sauce (Houston)

Originally established as a “hobby-tunity,” Briggs True Texas Sauces and Seasonings has transformed into an award-winning gourmet food and private-label manufacturer. With sauces, seasonings and rubs that are always gluten free, low sodium, fat free and free of GMOs, Briggs True continues to strive to maintain and improve the quality of their ingredients while continuing to be innovative and create new products.



B Pop! Flavored Popsicles (Houston)

Victoria Franco and Tallent Ricca are the energy behind b pop! The three combined their shared love for nourishing foods and expertise as a vegan chef, a visual artist and a frozen treats entrepreneur to create the ultimate healthy and oh-so-good frozen treat. Their mission is to build a better, tastier, healthier world one popsicle at a time using whole, organic ingredients. Flavors include Blueberry Banana Pancake, PB & Fig, Orange Glow and Pineapple Green Mama.



Texas Pickle Company’s Habanero Dill Pickles (Sugar Land)

In 2013, Texas Pickle Company began as a way for two parents to ensure their children knew where their food came from. Today, Tom and Jessica Weldin use the freshest, locally-sourced ingredients to preserve the texture of their vegetables, while enhancing flavor. Their signature pickles use no preservatives, additives or dyes, and have people coming from all over Houston to taste and experience a new pickle trend. Their lineup also includes Garlic Dill Chips, Spiced Green Beans and Pickled Jalapenos.



Trentino Flavored Gelato Pops (Houston)

With just one taste of Trentino Gelato, you’ll be transported to an Italian gelato shop. Collaborating with local top chefs, Trentino Gelato creates unique flavors untapped by the rest of the gelato world including Texas Sorghum with salt from Galveston Island. Gelato Pops are your farmer’s market artisan food experience in the frozen food section. Trentino Gelato uses no artificial colors, stabilizers or gums to create their sweet and savory pops.



Sabrosos Salsas’ Salsa Verde (League City)

Sandy Maloney, owner and founder of Sabrosos Salsas, has a passion and it’s to bring unique and flavorful salsas to pantries across the Lone Star State. Beginning humbly in her kitchen with an old family recipe, Sandy and her son, Kris, have continued to grow and show their bold salsas at culinary events including the Yagas Chili Contest and ZestFest, dominating the competition and proving that their salsas are the best of the best in Texas.



Dinner: Is Possible’s I Needa Pita Baked Chips (Houston)

Tim and Kim Mehne are on a mission to save the youth of today through their non-profit, out-of-pocket youth organization focusing on healthy-alternative cooking and life mentoring. Their program, Dinner: IS Possible, seeks to change children’s lives by giving them the opportunity to shine and use their talents and creativity to create the foods they are familiar with in a healthier way. The duo developed “I Needa Pita” chips as a healthy snack for the inner-city youth to eat in place of the much saltier and less healthy snacks they are used to eating.



Reina Meals’ Flan & Rice Pudding (Jersey Village)

Reina Meals specializes in high-quality deserts and gelatins that are gluten free, low fat and low cholesterol. They are created through artisanal techniques used since the company’s inception in 1926. Alfonso Lopez uses only the best raw materials, preserving the tradition of the Reina family recipes while innovating new high quality, great tasting products. After all, “there is always room for gelatin and desserts.”



Frickles Flavored Pickles (Houston)

What started as two friends from Shreveport, Louisiana, suddenly turned into two entrepreneurs with an unusual but delicious product. Frickles, as residents of Houston know them, provide savory and tasty candied pickles to customers all over the state of Texas. With two locations, Frickles creates mouthwatering flavors including cherry limeade and candy apple that will have taste buds begging for more.

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