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With a colder-than-usual winter behind us and spring bursting into bloom, home gardeners are salvaging what they can from the winter freezes and filling in with new plants where necessary.

For colorful blooms that last from spring into fall, there’s nothing cheerier than hydrangeas. Among the easiest to grow varieties are First Editions® and Endless Summer®. They tolerate Houston’s summer heat well and produce blooms on old and new stems throughout the growing season.

First Editions Vanilla Strawberry™ Hydrangea is a triple-dipped treat for the garden. This hydrangea paniculata’s enormous blooms start out a creamy vanilla white, changing to a soft pink and finally to a ripe strawberry red. The unique red color lasts for three to four weeks, longer than most hydrangeas of this variety. New blooms keep the multicolored show going throughout the summer and early fall. The extra large blooms have strong, red stems that cascade later in the season. Vanilla Strawberry is especially showy planted in groups in a border.

First Editions Tickled Pink™ Hy drangea’s full, frilly blooms put a smile on every gardener’s face. This playful hydrangea’s unique blooms and strong stems make it a standout in any garden. Tickled Pink’s cone-shaped blossoms start out a soft white then gradually turn a rosy pink. The extraordinary blooms are loaded with petals that curve, giving Tickled Pink a lacy, flirty look.

Tickled Pink stays upright and compact. It’s perfect as a stand-alone plant, a flower garden backdrop or paired with other bloomers in a border. The unique blooms also add a delightful look to fresh or dried flower arrangements.

Endless Summer Twist-n-Shout™ is a brilliant reblooming lacecap hydrangea. This lacecap is topped with gorgeous blooms that make a dramatic impact in the garden. Blossom color varies depending on soil type. Alkaline soils will produce party-pleasing, lipstick pink blooms. More acidic soil will turn smaller blossoms an intriguing periwinkle hue, while larger blossoms keep their rich pink color. Twist-n-Shout’s glossy green leaves and strong, red stems add to the drama. Fall leaf color is a stunning red burgundy, making Twist-n-Shout a season-long star.

Endless Summer The Original provides endless possibilities in the garden. This versatile shrub allows gardeners to express their creativity by choosing different planting applications and changing flower color, all while producing armloads of beautiful flowers. The Original is the first repeat-flowering big leaf hydrangea. Since its introduction in 2003, it has become a garden favorite. It has the unique ability to bloom on old and new growth. That means it will have truly extraordinary blooms all season long.

Another outstanding characteristic is that The Original is hardy all across the country. Northern gardeners have a mop head hydrangea that will bloom beautifully year after year. Southern gardeners need not fear late spring frosts, which previously have left them with little to no blooms in the summer months.

The Original features big, showy flowers that range in color from fresh blue

to a lively pink, depending on the soil. Medium to deep green, disease and mildew-resistant foliage gives the blossoms a beautiful backdrop.

Endless Summer Blushing Bride’s beautiful white blooms mature to a light pink blush. The name of this spectacular hydrangea macrophylla says it all. Blushing Bride blooms with radiant pure white, semi-double florets that gradually mature to a sweet pink blush, evoking ooohs and aahs in any garden setting.

Blushing Bride’s strong stems and branches keep the plant sturdy and upright, making it a perfect flower for cutting. It is the perfect accent plant for garden weddings.

Each of these unique and beautiful hydrangeas provides extraordinary blooms all season long. In addition to giving great outdoor color, blooms can also be cut and brought inside to create a stunning bouquet. Because all varieties have the unique ability to bloom on old and new growth, these great flowers can be cut without worry—more blooms are always on the way.

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