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John Emanuel, Outdoor Lighting Expert

John Emanuel, Outdoor Lighting Expert

“No Fuss Lights” Is The Bright Spot On The Outdoor Lighting Horizon

Six years ago, John Emanuel had a corporate job in advertising and marketing that catered to high-end clientele. Much of his time was spent interacting with these clients at parties and events that were elaborately decorated with all kinds of specialty lighting.

“I always noticed the lights,” said John, “because when I was in college, I worked as a lighting installer in order to earn extra money, so I was more attentive than most of the other party guests to the details of the lighting — whether it was landscape lighting or maybe seasonal, event lighting.” John admits that his fascination with lighting sometimes sparked conversation, too, about how much people had paid for the specialty lights and how dissatisfied they might be with the installation, price or service they had received.

As a result, John came to the realization that there was a big market for specialty lighting, and even more importantly, a market for specialty lighting done right. So, in 2009, along with his wife, John opened No Fuss Lights with the mission to be a service-based lighting installation company that gives its customers the highest quality available in the industry.

“We pride ourselves on the uniqueness of our displays,” said John, “whether the customer desires event, landscape, wedding or holiday lights; and whether the event is residential or corporate. We offer the same level of professional service to every project, no matter how large or small. Our distinct designs paralleled with our high quality of service and commitment to innovative technology are truly what define No Fuss Lights.”

Landscape Lighting

A big part of the success of No Fuss Lights is due to its ability to create outdoor living environments that help set the mood of the entire home. John and his crew will determine what the most important architectural details of your home are, then figure out a way to highlight it with spectacular lighting. Maybe it’s a fountain, a unique roofline or even creating a moonlit tree effect.

Developing nighttime scenes is also a consideration. “People spend thousands on landscaping, which then disappears into night,” said John. No Fuss Lights specializes in creating what it calls “nightscapes.” From a home value perspective, it increases property value by bringing curb appeal, highlighting architectural details and providing a feeling of safety and ambience to otherwise unseen property at night.

When deciding on a landscape lighting provider, it’s important for homeowners to have someone who will help them discover what their individual needs may be. For example, many homes have an automatic entry gate, which can be a dark area at night. No Fuss Lights professionals propose low voltage motion detector lighting for that area of the driveway, which in turn serves as a safety function for residents and visitors without detracting from a professionally designed nightscape. “Steps or tripping hazards are also areas where we recommend special lights,” added John.

Additionally, No Fuss Lights leaves room for its customers to expand their systems in the future without having to incur unnecessary costs. “We use scalable installation methods, so that when that tree in your front yard grows bigger, you can add a light or two relatively easily without having to reinvest or redo the entire system. We always say that ‘a picture is worth a thousand words.’ No Fuss Lights will create a picture that fits your lifestyle and budget requirements and also accentuates the architectural detail and style of your home. Our customers have the ability to expand or install displays in phases as budgets allow .”

Seasonal/Event Lighting

No Fuss Lights also provides rentals for seasonal and event lighting. This allows customers the flexibility to change their seasonal displays and create a unique look and feel each season without having to purchase lighting. Additionally, this ensures customers that their seasonal displays will look fresh, unique and different from their neighbors without the trouble and expense of continually repurchasing materials.

John explained, “With seasonal lighting rentals, our customers have the ability to always be on trend without having to buy. One year, your indoor Christmas tree may be decorated with teal accents. If so, we can use teal on the bushes or twist teal and silver. We do our best to match the customer’s interior perspective. We offer the opportunity to match the outside with the inside without having to purchase new lights each year.” Seasonal display rentals provide our customers a hassle-free experience.”

The company brings all the elements needed to create a display, services any issues if they should arise and seamlessly makes the display disappear at the end of the season. Customers can count on their displays always looking brand new without any worries.

John also reports that other seasonal lighting is really catching on. “Many people love going all out for Halloween, especially if they are throwing a party.” Seasonal lighting also makes it easy to promote marketing campaigns from a commercial angle. Companies can leverage and add to advertising campaigns by using lighting — for example, pink lights for breast cancer awareness month or red lights for crawfish boils. In the past two years, the company has also helped out at the rodeo by creating romantic eating areas around the carnival area.

“We target the floral budget for events,” John explained. “At a wedding, for example, brides will often spend thousands of dollars on floral arrangements. We show her how investing in lighting will create more buzz and leave a more lasting impression than does spending money on flowers. People love to take pictures with lighting displays, especially our huge Cherry Blossom Light Trees.”

Why No Fuss Lights?

As a family-owned business, owner John works at No Fuss Lights full time, his wife works nights and weekends, and his dad (who retired from 30-year career with Chevron) volunteers his time keeping up with the accounting. John says simply, “We have a passion as a family to deliver exactly what we say we will do. We stand behind our work 100 percent.”

He continued, “Our name is No Fuss. You hire us as a total solution that can be held accountable on all aspects of our projects. We aren’t a landscape company; we only do professional lighting design and install. We are dedicated to this industry.”

No Fuss Lights is a member of the National Outdoor Lighting Professional Society and also is dedicated to continuing education to keep its employees on the cutting edge of available products, technology and training.

John said, “Our products are made with solid or spun brass and are built for longevity. They will withstand our environment.” No Fuss Lights has worked with distributors to create its own line of fixtures which includes a lifetime warranty and the company ensures that its products are properly installed for longevity. No Fuss Lights uses 100 percent LED lighting systems, which use 85 percent less electricity. This means their lights are healthier for the environment because they use less power.

Additionally, the system doesn’t kill customers’ plants because the fixtures stay cool — which is also much safer for their home and family. John explained, “LED bulbs have come a long way in the last five years. It’s next to impossible to tell the difference between an old-style incandescent light bulb and our LED. We work directly with our distributer to address any coloration or degradation issues eliminating the bluish or green color tones that LEDs have gotten a bad rap for.”

No Fuss Lights designs with the idea that the fixtures blend in to its customers’ property, masking the source of the lighting, so they see the beauty of the lighting effect rather than the fixture. Their designs create interest and are engaging. From a commercial perspective, No Fuss Lights is able to create an ambiance that attracts customers to a business, even at night.

“All lighting systems aren’t created equally,” said John. “The artistry of the light is special. Anyone can bury a fixture. But the overall aesthetic that is created — the pride in craftsmanship — that is what sets No Fuss Lights apart.”

To learn more, visit nofusslights.com or call 281-616-5161.





Let There Be Light!

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