the Editor’s Picks … Linda Anderson, editor & publisher May 2016 the Editor’s Picks …  Linda Anderson, editor & publisher May 2016

-Chihuahua Protects Kittens
-Grilled Potatoes
-Peach and Blueberry Greek Yogurt Cake

Houston City Scope May 2016 Houston City Scope May 2016

Walls have been moved. Spaces realigned. New floors, new walls, new paint, new everything everywhere you look. Over the last few weeks, construction has transformed Arden’s Gallery at 1631 West Alabama …

Learning About Lupus Learning About Lupus

When the immune system goes wrong
Lupus is a chronic, autoimmune disease that can damage any part of the body (skin, joints, and/or organs inside the body). Chronic means that the signs and symptoms tend to …

HISTORICAL – Keep Houston Beautiful HISTORICAL – Keep Houston Beautiful

A city ordinance passed under Mayor Jim McConn in 1977 created the Houston Clean City Commission. By 1979, the Commission’s Clean Houston program formed as a nonprofit organization funded by the private sector. Operating as …

Discoveries May 2016 Discoveries May 2016

Jay Strongwater’s love of the elegant but vividly bejeweled objet—whether it’s meant to rest on a tabletop or the graceful curve of a woman’s neck—has led him on a journey through the …

All About Dahlias! All About Dahlias!

Follow This Plan And Prepare To Be Amazed
Dahlias provide some of the garden’s biggest and most spectacular blooms. The flowers come in a rainbow of colors and many different styles and sizes, and all are …

Book Reviews May 2016 Book Reviews May 2016

Whether hosting a party, helping out with a friend’s wedding or wishing to incorporate the beauty of flowers into everyday life, The Flower Workshop allows you to create dazzling arrangements that go beyond …

Wines to Enjoy Now Wines to Enjoy Now

By Denman Moody author, The Advanced Oenophile
Reds and whites to please the palate, and restaurant recommendations
Cupcake Chardonnay Monterey County 2014 — Winemaker Jessica Tomei knocked it out of the park with this best buy. …

Celebrate Mother’s Day May 8 Celebrate Mother’s Day May 8

If you are looking for a unique piece of fine jewelry, look no further than Smith’s Fine Jewelry. Smith’s Fine Jewelry is having a blowout Going Out of Business sale! From May 1st …

Jaguar XF & Cadillac CTS Jaguar XF & Cadillac CTS

By Kelly Foss

Jaguar XF | STARTING PRICE: $52,000
When Jaguar’s XF first made its debut in 2007, it ushered in a dramatically new design aesthetic for the British car maker. Everything about the XF was …

Mid-Century Modernism Mid-Century Modernism

Historic Home’s Meticulous Design Transcends Time And Place
In 1952-53, Lars Bang, one of the first graduates of the University of Houston’s College of Architecture, designed the extraordinary Bendit House in the then-new Ayrshire section of …

Bayou City Art Festival’s Featured Artist Brings an Upbeat, Colorful Vibe Bayou City Art Festival’s Featured Artist Brings an Upbeat, Colorful Vibe

For years, April Murphy, who is this year’s featured artist at Houston’s prestigious and fun Bayou City Art Festival (BCAF), made a solid living as a artist doing marketing and graphic design for a local bank.

Springtime Kicks off Hibiscus Show Season Springtime Kicks off Hibiscus Show Season

Dramatic Tropical Flower Will Be Featured At Local Events
By Judy Latta Photos by Pat Merritt and Linda Anderson
Spring is upon us, and as warm weather blossoms begin to burst, few are as stunning and impressive …

The Arts & Happenings April 2016 The Arts & Happenings April 2016

The Katy Prairie Conservancy (KPC) has joined with Rice University, the University of Houston (UH) and the University of St. Thomas (UST) through the Grassroots …

MEMORABLE WEDDINGS – Nicole & Jan-Oliver MEMORABLE WEDDINGS – Nicole & Jan-Oliver

Text by Melanie Saxton
Engagement photography by Moore Life Media, Garrett Moore
Wedding photography by New Image Photography, Jonathan Koslen
Shower photography by Angelique Cook Photography, Angelique Cook
Nicole Brende and Jan-Oliver Schmidt are living proof that blind dates …

On The Town with Jan Carson – April 2016 On The Town with Jan Carson – April 2016

T­he Pulitzer Prize-winning biographer of President George H.W. Bush will be the featured author at the April 21 “A Celebration of Reading” event at The Hobby Center. Jon Meacham’s Destiny of Power is based on …

Fashion – What’s in Stores Now – April 2016 Fashion –  What’s in Stores Now – April 2016

Bucket Bag in Printed Dauphine Leather from the Claudia line has a Sicilian cartwheel print.