Catherine Winkle – A Cut Above Catherine Winkle – A Cut Above

Artist creates a rewarding career in papercutting
By Jennifer Heath
A small pair of nail scissors forever changed Catherine Winkler Rayroud.
Growing up in the Swiss Alps, Winkler Rayroud remembers watching a television program about papercutting with her …

Liz and Sean

Text by Melanie Saxton | Photography by Nikki Guest
Frontier Fiesta, a University of Houston (UH) tradition, brought sweethearts Elizabeth Ann Butts and Sean O’Day Piper together. Their journey eventually took them from college to …

On The Town with Jan Carson November 2014 On The Town with Jan Carson November 2014

Playing on the popularity of the PBS series Downton Abbey, the co-chairs of the Nov. 14 Women’s Home Annual Gala — Cindy Burns, Harriet Hart and Martha Turner, along with honoree Trini Mendenhall — decided …

Furniture Predictions for 2015 Furniture Predictions for 2015

Exciting trends for your home in the New Year
By Ruth Towns
What can we anticipate for trending home and furniture design in 2015? One prognosticator is the High Point Market in North Carolina – the largest …

The Life and Legacy of Wendy Wagner The Life and Legacy of Wendy Wagner

Noted Houston Artist Loses Brave Battle With Brain Cancer
Wendy Wagner left an artistic legacy that deserves recognition. She had 16 solo exhibitions and was included in numerous group exhibitions in galleries as far reaching as Mexico …

READ3Zero 5th Anniversary Luncheon READ3Zero 5th Anniversary Luncheon

Distinguished Young Authors To Be Recognized Nov. 1
On Saturday, Nov. 1 at 9 a.m., the Houston nonprofit literacy organization, READ3Zero, will honor students nationwide at a memorable Luncheon and Book Signing event for this year’s …

The Mission to Save Will Herndon The Mission to Save Will Herndon

The Community Has Contributed $3 Million To Find A Cure For Juvenile Batten Disease
By Tish Williams
When Missy Herndon received the call with her son’s test results, the genetic counselor cried over the phone. That’s when …

Arts & Antiques by Dr. Lori
Top 10 Thanksgiving Collectibles
Arts & Antiques by Dr. Lori</br> Top 10 Thanksgiving Collectibles

Here are the top 10 Thanksgiving holiday collectibles that you can find in your mother’s or grandmother’s kitchen and beyond.

Welcoming Guests for the Holidays Welcoming Guests for the Holidays

Simple Tips To Make Your Home Festive And Inviting
By Janine Godwin, Organizing Designer
Family and friends gathering together during this time of year creates memories that will last a lifetime, and surrounding yourself with those you …

the Editor’s Picks … Linda Anderson, editor & publisher November 2014 the Editor’s Picks …  Linda Anderson, editor & publisher November 2014


-Baby Elephant Falls, is Saved by Parents
-Heavenly Hasselback Sweet Potatoes
-Perfect for Thanksgiving: 5 Fall Sangrias

Houston City Scope November 2014 Houston City Scope November 2014

Civic and residential news
developing in our city

Houston’s Iconic Critters
HISTORICALLY HOUSTON<br> Houston’s Iconic Critters

By Amy Ahlbrand Robinson
What do a pink flamingo, a mildly ferocious lion, and a huge cockroach have in common? They are part of our earliest Houston memories. They made us happy. They scared us. They …

Holiday Gift Guide November 2014 Holiday Gift Guide November 2014

Wish you could hire a lighting specialist for all your holiday, event and landscape lighting? You can! No Fuss Lights is your outdoor lighting specialist based in Houston. They offer custom outdoor lighting …

Diabetes Distress vs. Depression Diabetes Distress vs. Depression

Are People With Type 2 Being Misdiagnosed?
Researchers have long understood there is a strong association between diabetes and depression. But new research presented at the American Diabetes Association’s 74th Scientific Sessions® earlier this year shows …

Pancreatic Cancer Pancreatic Cancer

What’s New In Research And Treatment
The American Cancer Society’s most recent estimates for pancreatic cancer in the United States are for 2014: About 46,420 people (23,530 men and 22,890 women) will be diagnosed with pancreatic …

Discoveries Nov 2014 Discoveries Nov 2014

Elevate your dining experience with the casual elegance of this gorgeous chandelier. The glass makes for a truly spectacular experience—watch the light play around the room, catching on the sparkling glasses, and warming up the …