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Texas Fresh Juice Focuses on
Organic and Healthy

(L-R) Cindy Solis, Marita Pratt and Danielle Hester, Texas Fresh Juice owners.

(L-R) Cindy Solis, Marita Pratt and Danielle Hester, Texas Fresh Juice owners.

Offering Wellness In A Glass

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Drink fresh. Feel Good. The motto of Texas Fresh Juice expresses co-owner Marita Pratt’s philosophy behind the organic juicery now open in Sienna Village. She talks more about her business and philosophy:


What first started you juicing?

A thirst after hot yoga and encouragement from a juicing master yogi started us juicing at home. The immediate energy and rejuvenating effects over time sealed the deal. The idea for a juicery evolved from a desire for accessible, fresh, raw juice.

What sets Texas Fresh Juice apart?

Texas Fresh Juice’s mission is to nourish and empower people to optimize their health with delicious, nutritious, cold-pressed organic juices. We are the only all-organic, cold-pressed juicery in the area. We are committed to using 100 percent organic vegetables and fruits, unpasteurized raw juice and a cold-pressed juicing me­thod. We also recycle our glass bottles.

People don’t have to compromise taste for nutrition. We craft each of our juice blends in small batches, creating flavor combinations to satisfy all taste buds. We use the freshest organic produce to prevent our juices from containing any pesticides and toxic chemicals. Juicing non-organic fruits and vegetables is counterproductive as it further bombards your system with toxins it was never intended to ingest. We are strict about our organic standard — we are after optimal health, healing our bodies naturally. We never pasteurize, use concentrate, freeze, or water down our juice. We never add fillers or preservatives.

Why cold-pressed juice?

Cold-pressing retains enzymes and nutrients, unlike heat and pasteurization that would destroy them. Our custom hydraulic press uses thousands of pounds of pressure to gently extract vitamins, minerals and enzymes with minimal oxidation and without any heat, creating the cleanest, smoothest freshest-tasting juices.

What do you find fulfilling about being in business?

It is so rewarding to see customers getting healthier and hearing their stories of healing and improvement. Being connected to Afterglow Hot Yoga is a natural extension; we have a one-stop shop for wellness. We are excited to be growing and offering a healthy alternative to more people.

What are some of the benefits of your juices?

Our juices provide readily digestible essential enzymes and vitamins. They naturally detoxify and are anti-microbial and anti-aging, loaded with powerful antioxidants, have immune boosting properties and aid in weight loss. Our Apple Ginger is an excellent source of pectin, helps curb appetites and make the digestive system stronger. Our best-selling Turmeric Fireball wellness shot is a powerful anti-inflammatory and boosts metabolism. Our juice cleanse is a meal plan that replaces whole foods with nutrient-dense juices. It helps rid the body of built-up toxins and reboots the immune and digestive systems.

What advice would you give someone who wants to start juicing?

Start with a juice a day and work up to three; you’ll see and feel the benefits. The vitamins and minerals from raw organic veggies and fruits are what your body craves to function optimally.

Visit Texas Fresh Juice at 8790 Hwy. 6 in Sienna Village. Call 281-778-9377 or visit its FaceBook page for more information.

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