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Vintage Medals Meet Modern Flair


The Modern Mary Ring with Diamond Bezel is a tribute to the Blessed Virgin Mary. The Ring illuminates the hand as Mary is magnified under a quartz cabochon and surrounded in a bezel of diamonds, .48k.

KATIE Design Jewelry Is An On-Trend Inspirational Hit

By Florene King

Once upon a time in 2005, an interior designer named Katie Scott was experiencing some notable success in her professional life. Her personal line, KATIE Design, was getting some attention in the press and Katie was named by domino magazine as one of the nation’s Top 10 up-and-coming designers. Katie stumbled into jewelry design by sheer accident. When she was interviewed by the magazine in 2008, they asked her about her design credentials. She answered honestly and forthrightly, “They are a gift from God.”

Given the candor and sincerity of her response, it wasn’t long before Katie began hearing from people who said they were inspired by her. The fact that she so honestly shared her truth was as impressive to people as was her flair for design. She was so touched by the response she was getting that she realized that God was using her as a vessel to inspire others to seek and find their God-given talents.

Simultaneously and perhaps a little ironically, Katie’s personal life was going in the opposite direction of her career. She was going through divorce at this time, so she felt she had no choice but to relinquish her life and her life’s direction to God. With equal parts a desire to seek God’s will and her determination to fulfill her life’s purpose, Katie completely opened up in her self-published book, Let it Be.

Also around this time, she found herself drawn to vintage medals and religious icons while she was shopping for interior design clients, and so she began collecting them. Katie’s passion for spirituality and her love for design had now met, and at this encounter another creative door opened. She began shopping for fashion forward, high-quality, spiritual jewelry — her style: sort of vintage meets modern — and she couldn’t find what she envisioned for herself.

So, again she opened up. She began to fuse the two styles, which eventually gave birth to her newest brainchild: high-end spiritual jewelry design known as KATIE Design Jewelry. Her hope for this new venture is to inspire spirituality into the modern world; sort of a marriage of traditional to modern and fresh.

Of the success of her jewelry line, Katie says with a proud smile, “We are excited about the strong strides we have made in the short eight months since our October 2013 launch! We believe we are building a strong foundation to grow upon.”

Celebrities have already requested KATIE Design Jewelry. “It’s true! And so exciting,” confesses Katie. Trendsetters from Jennifer Aniston to Gwen Stefani to Jessica Alba, along with Miranda Lambert and Danielle Bradbury have been spotted wearing the remarkable ornaments.

When asked what else was happening, Katie would only respond with a little teaser: “I have a few exciting new things happening with the line. I can’t give specifics because we are still in negotiations, but I can say that we will soon be in the doors with a major retailer, AND I was also approached by a leading brand to work on a private label collection for them. Everything is still in the works so I can’t reveal any more than that at this time.”

Too fun!! So for all you trend-watchers and fabulous jewelry collectors, rest assured that brand new KATIE Design Jewelry will be released by the fall with a lot of new exciting styles to look forward to. For a sneak preview, visit katiebydesign.com.


The Saintly Studs Alligator Wrap features 10 saints, and the double wrap is black genuine alligator studded in sterling silver.


This Wonder Cuff is a strong fashion statement, made from genuine alligator in brown, and strengthened by Our Lady of Mount Carmel closures in 18K gold vermeil.

Katie by Design

Katie Scott


The ultimate Body Armor: St. Christopher partners with Jesus and the Virgin Mary for protection and safe travels in this cuff, with an attachment in ebonized sterling silver on a genuine alligator cuff in black.

Vintage Medals Meet Modern Flair

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