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Walls Gone Wild

Rose Mist Wallpaper Mural, murainnovations.com. Delicate white roses bunch up to create a bed of flowers across the wall in this stunning mural. The soft focus of the photograph adds depth and interest to your room, whilst the pearly grey tone is subtle and understated, working well in with almost any colour scheme.

High-Impact Wallpaper Trends

By Cheryl Alexander

From floral to fauna, from bold to demure, from tropical to traditional, this season wallpapers are wild with prints, textures and colors. Whether your home makeover involves an entire room or a tiny nook, we’ve compiled some cool new concepts for you to consider.


Whether your taste gravitates toward walls that are actually inspired by nature or crafted from nature, one huge trend you may enjoy is a wallpaper that features an outdoor element or one that is made of an organic material.

For the nature-inspired look, the idea of big and bold is most definitely in. You can choose from patterns that feature huge flowers or tropical leaves in both bold vivid color or neutral grays and beiges. If a stroll through the forest is something you fancy, you’ll find papers printed with trees, birds, squirrels and more.

For the eco-conscious, natural products abound. Contemplate grasscloth, bamboo or even cork to add some texture and keep things “green.” Grasscloth is a great choice and can be found in a variety of materials, such as arrowroot and jute. As well, no two rolls are ever exactly the same, so there is an added element of interest.



Brick faux finish wallpaper made a big impact last year. This season, brick is joined by concrete and vintage wood. Though nothing translates “cool” and “hipster” quite like brick, concrete is gaining ground with those who prefer a more contemporary or industrial setting. With its weathered and aged appearance, this vibe can work well in many settings, ranging from kitchens to office spaces, kids’ rooms and even funky bathrooms.

Vintage wood wallpaper is typically a simple, straightforward design with a subtle color palette (just like wood floors), which is great for common spaces and pairs well with just about any décor. Because it is simple, it can work with tile, bead board and all kinds of art. A wood wallpaper gives you lots of options for interior design and accessorizing.



Incorporating familiar shapes has always been an interior design trend, so it’s no surprise that wallpapers are reflecting the same tendency. Through color and pattern we gain a sense of nostalgia, so seeing geometry in design is nothing new. However, the way it’s being fused onto wallpapers is super cool. The options for those who prefer familiar shapes include graphic modern motifs, formed from fractured geometry, overlaid shapes and colors, both regular and irregular patterns, structure and symmetry. These wallpapers will resonate with those seeking to create something really bold and fresh.



Wallpaper murals are once again at a peak of popularity this season. The murals are super trendy and can heighten any room’s design. Some of the most desirable mural trends include urban landscapes, art-inspired patterns and pastoral scenes sometimes embossed with texture or embellished with metallics.

Because murals can be customized to fit your walls and because you can even use your own designs and photos to create them, this trend is extremely popular. A wallpaper mural is the perfect choice for anyone who wants a personalized, unique look.



Another wallpaper trend is the creation of a feature wall (sometimes called an accent wall) within one or two rooms in your home. While murals (like the ones described in the previous category) are commonly used to create feature walls, using “regular” wallpaper is something you can do as well.

Though bold colors and patterns are definitely a trend this season, using them all over the house or even all over a room is not something everyone is interested in doing. Sometimes vivid colors and large-scale patterns can make a room feel claustrophobic, especially in a small space. Too, some designs are really beautiful and appealing, yet “busy.” Those examples in particular may actually be the perfect candidate for a feature wall. Think about a couple of things: does the wallpaper have a remarkably large pattern? Does it include attention-grabbing color? Does it exhibit a repetitive shape or form? If so, then consider it for only one wall — as a feature.

Where would a feature wall work best? Living rooms are always popular areas for a feature wall, yet bedrooms can also be a perfect space to create an accent. In the bedroom, perhaps consider something colorful, but not gaudy or too flashy. Pastel shades and muted, demure shades work great. In a bedroom, the most common area to create a feature wall is behind the headboard or near the bed as it is a furniture item that usually is the central focus in the space.

For a child’s room, a feature wall is a great option. Consider allowing the child to select something that appeals to them. And since it’s only on one wall, changing it as they grow older is not so difficult. Same for the office space in your home. A feature wall can create a lot of interest and add style to a room that may be otherwise boring or rather non-descript.

Today, wallpaper comes in every look you can think of to appeal to every taste imaginable. Options range from classic, neutral or minimalistic to bohemian, bold and arty. Technology has facilitated innovative changes, bringing wallpaper fashion forward with sensational designs. Unlimited color palettes are available and pattern sizes are relatively unrestricted, so designs are big and brilliantly vibrant. With a little wild imagination, your walls can exude high impact style that resonates through your home.


Rose Quartz and Serenity Poppy, murainnovations.com. This wallpaper stands out not only as an impressive room decoration, but as a spectacular work of art. It also combines the faux wood finish trend with the large florals.

Rose Quartz and Serenity Poppy, murainnovations.com. This wallpaper stands out not only as an impressive room decoration, but as a spectacular work of art. It also combines the faux wood finish trend with the large florals.


Japanese Garden (W7024/01), osborneandlittle.com. This nature-inspired scene in the classic Japonais style of kimono-clad ladies by an ornamental brook is colored in a fresh contemporary manner.


MAZE Ruby, tempaperdesigns.com. MAZE Ruby is part of the Tempaper Elements Collection. It is a large geometric pattern that entertains with scale and color. MAZE is temporary and removable wallpaper sold as 1 double roll of 20.5 in. x 11 yds. = 56.37 sq. ft.

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